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Rockland Times published an article about the generous grant from Orange & Rockland. The article talks about the many different things our team does as apart of FIRST, including designing, building, and meeting with real-world engineers. They also talk about the awards we have won in the past, and included the fact we were currently fundraising to get to the Regional Championships in Utica. 

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Our generous supporters, Orange & Rockland graciously wrote an article about our team. They talked about the importance of getting kids involved in STEM and how ​Suffern Robotics is continuously successful. Additionally, the article talks about how their grant is crucial to sustain our team. 

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We were fortunate to be featured on NBC's News 12 New York with Gus Rosendale as the reporter. The story talked about the dynamics of a high school robotics team and the way it prepares its students for the future. They also talk about the importance of project-based learning and STEM. 

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In honor of International Women's Day, Mommy's Busy wrote an article on our team and the females on it. The article talks to all the women about the importance of getting more females involved in engineering and their experiences on the team. It also promotes our GoFundMe to help us raise funds for our trip to the Regional Championship in Utica.  

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After our second ever workshop and open house, Suffern Central School District published an article containing a  summary and photos. They also promoted the REACH STEAM Expo. in the upcoming week, where the team is heavily featured. 

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Our school district graciously wrote an article about our team after we advanced to the Regional Championship in Utica from Peekskill. The article spoke about the awards we won and our future competition in Utica. 

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After our return from the FTC World Championship in Detroit, Suffern Central School District wrote an article about how we did. They spoke about how the competition works and how valuable FIRST is for people interested in STEM. Additionally, they spoke about the Connect Award, which Suffern Robotics was nominated for. 

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Rockland times wrote an article about the many amazing events and presenters at the Northeast Astronomy Forum, or NEAF for short. Along with other groups, Suffern Robotics and the work we do as a team for FIRST was highlighted. Additionally,  this raised awareness on our trip to Detroit for the FTC World Championships.   

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Hometown Newsnet graciously wrote an article ​about the women on our team and the power of females in engineering. The article features interviews with all the women on the team and talks about some of the difficulties faced by women in a male-dominated field. 

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An article from Pace University, the previous host of the Regional​ Championship about the competition. They spoke about how many different teams preformed, including Suffern Robotics. The article also spoke about how FIRST is an influential organization and is able to get many involved in STEM. 

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After our competition at the Region Championships, Suffern School District published an article talking about how we had qualified for the World Championships. They talk about the importance of robotics and FIRST within our school and the future of STEM-based careers. They also promote our GoFundMe page to help us get to the World Championships.

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An article was written by Hometown Newsnet after the FTC regional championship at Pace University. The article talks about the many opportunities FIRST provides towards to its students and alumni. It also talks about the success of Suffern Robotics and how we need support to get to the World Championships in Detroit.

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Mommy's Busy wrote an article about us qualifying for the FTC World Championships in Detroit after we competed in the Regional Championships at Pace University. They spoke about how our team performed and what it means to do robotics. Additionally, they promoted our GoFundMe which was covering funds for our trip to Detroit. 

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After our open house, Hometown Newsnet wrote an article that talked about our event and published photos taken there. They spoke about some of the events we had there, along with the opinions of some visitors. The article also talked about the future of our season with FIRST. 

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Prior to our first-ever open house event, Hometown Newsnet wrote a promotional article so we could attract visitors. Along with publishing the details of the event, they also spoke about some of the events we had, including practice matches and the ability to drive a robot. 

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After qualifying for the regional championships from Red Hook, our school district published an article about us. They talked about how we won the Inspire Award through our hard work. They also spoke about how FIRST is different from other competitions and the importance of working with opponents. 

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Lohud, a local news network, wrote an article promoting the  REACH foundation's annual STEAM Expo and the many different attractions there. Suffern Robotics was listed as one of the noteworthy events and mentioned the fact we were competing in a regional championship the following week. 

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After advancing to the FTC World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri, Rockland Times wrote an article about our team. They spoke about our past accomplishments and how FIRST works. Additionally, they spoke about how we were fundraising in order to cover our expenses and promoted different ways to support our team. 

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An article that was written by Rockland Times about the FTC Lower Hudson Valley qualifier event we hosted at our high school for the Block Party game challenge. The article mentioned how FIRST works and how it is influential in the future of STEM-based careers.

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Sloatsburg Village wrote an article about what our team does and how we work together to compete in competitions. It also highlighted our recent awards at our past competitions. Additionally, it promoted our upcoming qualifier event we hosted at our school. 

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