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2014-2015 Challenge: Cascade Effect!

2014-2015 Game Challenge Video!

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Team 7486  μFN

Our senior team, however, half are new blood, and the others well-experienced creating an interesting team dynamic.


Team 7487  Super 7

This team is comprised mainly of experienced builders and team members, “hardened” for competition.


Team 7488  Vending Machines

With a veteran captain, this team is comprised mainly of sophomores, all though mainly experienced there are newcomers on board ready to learn.


We would like to thank our sponsors from the 2014-2015 season:

  • UPS

  • artgig studio

  • Capacity Coverage Co.

  • Di-Cor

  • Highlander Equipment Co. Inc.

  • Clayton’s

  • Model Electronics Inc.

  • De Vuono Consulting

  • NFS Communications Inc.

  • Suffern’s Fieldhouse

  • Ole Ole

  • Maura Sullivan

  • Thomas Gersic

  • Dave Lowell

  • Andrew Strachan

  • Ronald Metz

  • Steve Douthat

  • Shobhit Panthri

  • Kevin Heller

  • Amit Mehta

  • Christopher Stanley

  • Ann Bates

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