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2017-2018 Challenge: Relic Recovery!

2017-2018 Game Challenge Video!


Team 7486  Suffern Robotics


Marcus Ceglinski - Co-Captain, 3rd year, Junior

Darwin Guo- Co-Captain, 3rd year, Junior

Ethan Holand - CAD Specialist, 3rd year, Junior

Fran Daszak - Documentation Manager, 2nd year, Junior

Bobby Seif - Fabricator. 3rd year, Junior

Michael Pelletier - Fabricator. 3rd year, Junior

Vicky Chu - Fabricator, 2nd year, Sophomore

Jason Kardon - CAD Designer, 1st year, Freshman

Gabe Jersey - Fabricator, 2nd year, Sophomore

Hannah Gandon - Marketing Manager, 2nd year, Sophomore

Neha Ramaswamy - Documentor, 3rd year, Senior

Abby Banks - Fabricator, 3rd year, Senior


A Special Thanks to all the Supporters of Suffern Robotics:

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