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We are a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team from Suffern High School in New York. 


Created in 2008, our team has been operating for 15 years, and we have grown exponentially every year. Pursuing excellence every coming season, we aim to further improve ourselves and create an environment in which we can have fun while also working with one another to achieve a common goal. Our students have devoted over 300 hundred hours each, including spending time on the robot, attending outreach events, and advocating for the FIRST Organization. The experience we’ve gained over the years has helped us evolve as a team; we seek to have every member learn as much as possible during their time here so that they will be prepared for the future in whatever profession they may choose.


Our team is focusing on building skills in programming, CAD, design, and manufacture. We will inevitably make countless revisions and try to improve ourselves continuously as the season progresses. In recognizing and learning from our mistakes, we have the ability to grow even more and attain more knowledge together. Our documentation team works diligently to record all of our achievements and is one of the most successful departments of 7486. All aspects of fabrication and documentation have brought us to where we are today and we are thankful for every member’s contributions to our accomplishments this season!


We strive for success by being proactive in our community – attending local events such as street fairs and the STEAM Expo to meetings with nearby engineering firms to raise awareness of our robotics program. Not only have we reached out to communities in the U.S., but we also have contact and have held international conferences with an FTC team in Israel, Team 12016, MishMash. One of our goals as a FIRST team is to spread the word of what we do as a robotics team, and also to recognize the FIRST Organization and what they have done for us. And most importantly, our team dynamic incorporates gracious professionalism to keep us a tightly knit group of friends and to maintain friendly sportsmanship with every team we meet. With your help, we will be able to continue to improve our skills in manufacturing and design, as well as provide all students with an opportunity to learn!

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